What is Track Every Coin?

Track Every Coin is a simple expense tracker which will help you keep track of your daily expenses, income, savings, bill reminders, company reimbursements and shared/split bills with friends and roommates.

What is Desktop Application? Who is it for?

Desktop application is a standalone application to track your expenses, income, savings, reimbursements and split bills. You can see various graphs on your data.

If you are always on the move and keep track of your expenses on your laptop/netbook or you prefer to have your financial data on your desktop then Desktop application is for you.

What is the difference between Mobile App and Mobile Access?

Mobile App is a small application that is downloaded to your mobile phone. The application does not need internet connection all the time. Only when the data needs to be transferred to the web, internet connection is required.

Mobile Access is visiting “http://m.TrackEveryCoin.com” from any mobile browser. This has been designed to give you an application look and feel. Down side is that you always need internet to access the mobile site.

Can I add my bank accounts?

Currently we have not integrated with banks.

We have built the mobile access to make it easy for you to keep track of your expenses on the go.

Is there any charge for users?

We currently do not charge for the Website and the Mobile Access. You are free to signup.

How do I print reimbursement list?

We currently do not have the print option from our site. You can email your reimbursement list to yourself or any other person and then take a printout.

To email, mouse hover on reimbursements under your “Who owes me” block and click on the “Envelope icon”. Click here to read more about it.

What is TECI Gadget?

TECI gadget is an innovative gadget designed to enter expenses on the go. If you are not able to use your mobile phone to enter expenses, you can buy our TECI gadget to track your expenses and then sync to your account via USB.


How do I add new categories?

You can add / edit / modify categories of both income and expense. Please click on “Edit categories” just above the pie chart.

Read more about it at:


How do I edit budget?

To enter budget it is important to add monthly income. Once an income is added, you can edit budget from your dashboard or expenses. Click on the “Edit Budget” link under the budget. Set your budget and press enter.

Edit Budget1


Can I use the TEC in other countries? Different currencies?

Yes, we support all countries in the world. You can select your currency when you sign-up and also change it under your “Settings”.

What types of expense can I add?

Track Every Coin helps you add 3 types of expense.

  1. Regular expense (your day to day expense)
  2. Shared (Expense shared with friends/Roommates)
  3. Reimbursements (Keep track of your company bills in one place)

How do I use “I Owe” feature?

When someone in your contact shares an expense against you, the expense is automatically added to your “I Owe”. We are working on letting you add an “I Owe”. For now you can note your “I Owes” under reminder.

What is Who owes me?

You can split expenses with your friends/roommates. To do this, add your friends into your contacts and share an expense with them (by clicking on shared under add expense).

Once you save this, it will be shown under your “Who owes me” block. All the money people owe you is shown under this.

When you mark an expense as reimbursement, it is also listed under your “Who owes me” block.

Read more about social networking of money on our blog.

How do I track my company reimbursements?

Click on Add expense, fill in amount, description, and category. Now select “Reimbursement” and click on save.

Expense is saved in your grid and also under your “Who Owes Me” as “*reimbursements”

Can I generate reports?

Yes, Track Every Coin generates monthly reports automatically and is emailed to you. You can also generate report for any selected date range as well by clicking on the “Download report”. Read more about it here.

Desktop Application

Does the desktop application work on Mac and Linux?

Yes, Track Every Coin Desktop application works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Data on web is not seen on Desktop application?

Currently Track Every Coin desktop application is a one way synchronization. All data entered on the desktop application is sent to your account on the website.

In future when we implement dual sync the desktop application will be updated automatically.

Do I need to pay for updates?

No. All updates are free. The application will automatically know if there are any updates.

Mobile App

Is internet connectivity required for mobile app to work?

No. The mobile app works without internet connection. You will need internet connectivity when you “Sync to web”.

My phone is not listed for mobile app?

We are constantly working towards making the application work on all phones. Do check back here for the latest phone added.

You can always use our mobile access on any phone / resolution.

Will it work on my android phone?

Not yet. Currently we support Nokia phones S60, 240×320 resolution. You can always use the mobile access on any phone.

What phones do you support?

Mobile app currently works on all S60 Nokia phones with 240×320 resolution. We are constantly working on getting it on all different platforms.

You can use our mobile access on all other phones.

Mobile Access

Can I use any mobile phone to access Track Every Coin?

Yes. You can use any phone to access Track Every Coin website. Just visit “m.TrackEveryCoin.com” from your mobile browser and enter expense / income on the go. Our mobile interface is scaled down for fast access on the go with least data transfer.

Tip: On most phones you can add a bookmark / shortcut to “http://m.TrackEveryCoin.com” that way you can access it faster (feels almost like an app).