Install Drivers

Download and install the Desktop Uploader (drivers included) from here: and follow the below instructions:

  • After installation is complete Now connect the TECI gadget TECI to your computer
  • If Windows asks for the driver location, search at the following location: “C:\Program Files\Track Every Coin\Drivers”. If installation is successful you can skip the below steps.
  • Start your Device Manager (Start menu -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager)

  • If the driver is not installed, double click on TECI and click on “Update Driver

Click on Browse my computer…

Browse for the location and point it to “C:\Program Files\Track Every Coin\Drivers” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Track Every Coin\Drivers” (for 64bit OS) and click next.

When there is a security warning click on “Install this driver software anyway”

Windows will copies all the required files and the device is installed

Please verify the display on device manager now. TECI will be listed under “IONLAB Devices”

The driver is successfully installed.

Please read about TECI Uploader to see how to transfer data from TECI gadget to website