TECI Uploader

Download the TECI uploader here:

After installing the application run the application. First time when you run the application all the fields will be grayed out.

Now connect the TECI gadget to the USB port. If you are connecting the TECI for the first time, please read the driver installation procedure.

Now in the TECI uploader all the fields will be enabled and blank during the first time run.

Now give your device a name, enter your website login details and click on “Synchronize to Website”

In case you don’t have the login details, please signup at: www.trackeverycoin.com and enter the same details here.

All the data from TECI gadget is sent to the website and website information is written back to the gadget.

Once the synchronize process is complete, next time when you connect TECI gadget, the device name and email address is automatically fetched. You can enter the password and click on “Synchronize to Website”.

Now login to your account at Track Every Coin and analyze your expenditure pattern.